Textile Book

In this design assignment I was asked to design a print/fabric collection based on a statement picture. I selected an image of Tyler the Creator at the 2018 Grammy Awards. From first glance Tyler appeared to be dressed in luxurious garments, but with the second look one starts to see that his hair is dyed in yellow/brown leopard print and he rocks a USSR hat as an accessory. This clash can be seen as his critique for the people taking themselves too seriously as well as a perfect play on the balance between streetwear and luxury. With my book I wanted to portray this exact feeling of balance between luxury and streetwear. I used a highly precise technique of laser cutting to create very exact but silly variations of the leopard print. I also contrasted expensive fabrics such as silk, wool, leather and cashmere together with the typical street art medium of spray paint. Generally a combination of various different prints, especially two different leopard prints, would be considered quirky and cheap. But with the combination of luxury fabrics and highly technical printing methods such as embroidery and screen printing I tried to overcome this stereotype and make a selection of weirdly luxurious cheap fabrics.