I developed a mono product brand, a brand with just 1 product type: a white T-shirt. The starting point of the design process was a cuddly toy which was ‘dissected’ to see the 2D patterns it’s made of. The resulting pattern parts were the basis for my designs. The core of this assignment was to replicate the existing fashion system by including all aspects of it in the project. At the same time I did forecasting, designing, preparation for production and presentation of the brand and collection.

My concept brand is named “hOURs hoURs” and focuses on the hours it takes to produce be it a meat product or a white T-Shirt. I tried to come up with a way to communicate to the consumer that their hours are just as valuable as the hours of people making the things you buy. One should be aware of the amount of work put in to make something.

For the collection I kept a majority of the T-shirt basic and then only reworked the sleeves to show that even a small detail requires attention and work. I was also aware that I cant make everyone think about everyones hours. So I wanted my collection to speak to both the purist and the tourist. The purist will realise the amount of work needed to design 10 variations of sleeves as well as will notice the different fabrics used for the front and the back of the Tshirts while for the tourist it will be just a bunch of “cool” looking white T-shirts.