A project titled “Polar Bears Fishing and Playing Tennis” where I upcycled old stock of “h🔼rt clothes” to make new more unique, more fresh garments. This project is an embodiment of the name change from generic “h🔼rt clothes” to POViS- something truly my own and a genuine platform for me to express myself and my world view.

The project contains of an oversized hoodie with exaggerated sleeves, a tie dyed T-shirt, and a reversible sherpa bucket hat. All garments branded with unique illustrations and logos DESIGNED by @SENKA.EXE and me.

Inspired by the release of the new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream named “Baked Alaska” and the current global warming situation I decided to title this project “Polar Bears Fishing and Playing Tennis”. This decision was made without too much consideration solely to have a starting point. Right from the beginning I was encouraged to rethink what is a hoodie for me and what makes a hoodie a hoodie. I decided to exaggerate the sleeves and make them longer than one’s arm and around the hand area make the sleeve wider. This would create extreme level of comfort and warmth- which in my eyes is the main purpose of a hoodie. The exaggerated sleeves would also resemble fishing poles and the comfort would suggest the warmth of fur. I then proceeded to cut up an old pink and an old navy hoodie. I used tie dye technique to give the pink hoodie some blue areas. For the T-shirt I also used one old navy T-shirt and one old but newly tie dyed pink T-shirt. I then sewed the new hoodie and T-shirt. For the prints I decided to use bleach to create a background, and for the foreground I glued laser cut forms. For the bucket hat I used leftover sherpa fabric to create a reversible headpiece. The sherpa’s softness goes along the cosiness off a hoodie.