The assignment was to through drawing design a clothing collection of at least 10 silhouettes with the idea of “function” in mind. I started by looking into all the different types of sportswear there is since in my opinion it’s crucial to have functional garments in sports field. Later I narrowed my research and only looked at different pieces of clothing basketball players in NBA and Euroleague wear like the match uniforms made from shorts and tank top or the baggy warm up pants with buttons on the side for quick removal. During my research I noticed that most basketball clothes are filled with lots of different graphics be it team logos like the bull of “Chicago Bulls” or sponsors of the organisations such as “Turkish Airlines” or “BEKO”. I was eager to incorporate this aspect in my own collection due to my passion for graphic design.

This still seemed quite one dimensional, simple and taking “function” too literally so for my collection I decided to combine different elements of basketball function together with the visual function of religious clothing. When one sees a religious figure or a member of the Christian church be it a Priest or a Nun one immediately know his or hers rank. I chose Christianity due to me being the most acquainted with it out of all the religions and also due to it’s immense impact on society, art and culture throughout the years. To become more familiar with clerical clothes I visited www.wattsandco.com/ where I was able to find all the different pieces and accessories priests and nuns wear. I was able to add a personal touch to the collection by remembering my trip to the EuroBasket 2015 and due to the fact that it’s said that Basketball is the second religion in Lithuania, the country of my decent, right after Christianity. The collection was limited to the colours White, Black, Green, Purple and Red. These are the only colours members of Christian church wear while also being the colours of many major basketball team jerseys.

The graphics in my collection resemble various people, establishments and places which support and enable me to do what I love. Similarly how sponsors allow basketball clubs to function and how religion provides support and hope for the people.

Combining the observed fine details of basketball wear with my personal experience in basketball together with the newly learned knowledge of Clerical clothing I was able to draw a full collection titled “ATLETHE as the GOD, REFEREE as the PRIEST and CHULIGANS as the PILIGRIMS” and make a process book named “Holy Biball”