Flower Shop

The assignment of 1.3 fashion design term was to design a professional workwear collection for a fictional company. I had to design from existing garments using the moulage technique. The final outcome was a line-up of 10 workwear outfits made for a fictional flower shop in Antwerp called “GELES”. The 10 garments are divided into three categories:

1. Clothes for employers in the shops themselves

2. Clothes for employers in the warehouse freezers.

3. Clothes for employers in the fields growing the flowers.

This shop turns around the visual aesthetics of regular flower shops. Rather than flowers being the most eye catching things, the employer uniforms are warm coloured and eye catching while the interior and the sold flowers are cool coloured and take a secondary role.

BELLOW you can see the concept’s moodboard as well as logo sketches and mockups for the “back” of the shop.
silent-music-1992Luc Tuymans